Etowana is a floating landmass and continent in the Kodiplex. It is notable for its torn geography, its bizarre history, and being the home of Meme City.

Originally apart of the larger planet Elon, it separated in 1865 and has since spent time in both the Kodiplex and the Mystery Zone. As of 2018, Etowana sits upon a cubical landmass floating in the Kodiplex, currently inhabited by human, braixen, and dolphos.


0188-0192: First settlers

The faction of ProtoMayans, led by Lord Diamond, settled in Etowana in 0188. While not the first humans to set foot on Etowana, the ProtoMayans were the first to create various settlements in the Sw4mp and Jungl3, notably the Nut Temple in collaboration with Jeffery Papermaker, in 0188 and 0189.

Jeffery Papermaker started collecting resources and surveying the land in the southwestern Papermaker Point, which would become Meme City over the span of 0190. Many flocked to Etowana in hopes of acquiring liberties they had not had in the other Arctic Islands of Elon. As Meme City continued to expand as more would seek opportunity in Etowana, Jeffery crowned himself the first King of Etowana on June 2, 0190.

0193: The Nut War

As denizens of Etowana kept fucking up with their liberties of a largely anarchy-driven society, more regulations and laws were placed by King Jeffery. On February 22, 0193, Jesus Christ brutally died in a car crash, resulting in the ban on vehicles that same day.

After the vehicle ban swept Etowana on February 22, the ProtoMayans wrote and released the Proph3cy on February 24, predicting that "a future of kockblocking and striving for immakulacey will only bring the inevitable krack that destroys us all". Citizens of Meme City began attacking King Jeffery over several months, until he died of hanging below the then-untitled Mt. Nut on June 1, 0193. Jeffery experienced erotic asphyxiation that resulted in the first perfect nut, causing the cursed mountain behind his hanging corpse to brutally erupt, ravaging the ProtoMayan settlements to the west as well as killing all at his execution.

Promptly after the death of King Jeffery, his daughter Johna Papermaker was crowned Queen of Etowana on June 2, 0193, eventually reforming many of the regulations that King Jeffery had placed.

1863-1865: Separation from Elon and Wanda

On April 13, 1863, Lard Yoshi came spiraling toward the Molar System and slowly began to devour the objects within, specifically Elon, Wanda, and the Meme Star. After eventually being vored by Lard, the contents of the Molar System digested, with the remains being distributed in a yoshi egg. The egg hatched on April 19, 1865, containing the cube-shaped landmass with the island of Etowana in the center.

2016-2018: Modern-day chaos

On February 24, 2016, Jesse Papermaker busted a record-breaking two perfect nuts in a single day, causing Mt. Nut to erupt in great force, scorching Etowana. The entire southern half of the continent was destroyed.

On June 8, 2018, Herobrine bombed Etowana, eventually blasting part of the landmass into the Mystery Zone on July 9, 2018.

On October 3, 2018, the KonyKocK suddenly collided with Etowana, landing in Mt. Nut. The space vessel, in control of Jesse Papermaker, sent Etowana in a collision course with the other fragmented landmass of Etowana. Etowana would merge once again with the rest of itself on October 17.


Previously, the country had a monarchical leadership by the Papermaker family for thousands of years. The first King of Etowana was Jeffery Papermaker, with the final being Jesse Papermaker in 2018.

After the Brine swept Etowana in June 2018, Etowana no longer had a central government. The individual civilizations within Etowana eventually formed their own governments, such as the reign of Yugnuf of Fotiálla and Asanis Jabali of Meme City. Other tribes would sustain themselves on their own, such as the Wetwet, led by Dolphin Man.


Current territories

Former territories