Fotiálla, also known as the F131ds, is a zone in northwestern Etowana, The native home to SpAceW33d, Fotiálla grew mostly in modern years following the fermentation of SpAceW33d by the Ston3r Cart3l and the establishment of Ston3r Town.

After the Brine, Fotiálla had become inhabited by a majority population of braixen that had transformed from humans due to the Fotiálla Crystal. Contained within a dome of Flex Seal for a week in 2018 resulted in the civilization to progress over two thousand years, with the Fotiállans developing an advanced society in the newfound Fotiállan Empire.


2009-2012: Ston3r Era

On May 31, 2009, W, Funguy, and Bouncer would ferment SpAceW33d, the plant native to Fotiálla. Following their discovery of compiled SpAceW33d, they promptly formed the Ston3r Cart3l. Throughout the rest of 2009, they would compile W33dnodes to sell back home in Meme City in the south. Their safehouse, later named Ston3r Town, became a hotspot for W33d enthusiasts and tourists alike, becoming an incorporated civilization on September 21, 2010. As the demand for SpAceW33d grew, Fotiálla grew more populated than it ever had been in the history of Etowana.

In late 2010 and 2011, the substantial increase of immigration to Fotiálla led to F-Patrol investigation, soon discovering the underground drug market. This initiated the W33d War, lasting until December 23, 2012, when fermented SpAceW33d was legalized.

2018: Brine

During the explosion of the Brine, the Fotiálla Crystal punctured the center of the region when Etowana was blasting through the Kodiplex, destroying Ston3r Town and injuring thousands.

When the dust settled, the survivors would begin rebuilding with a new government, led by King Julien, who had spontaneously appeared once Etowana entered the Mystery Zone. Declaring himself the new king of Fotiálla, King Julien enacted the Fotiálla Mining Project on June 20, 2018 to find resources for a new crown in the Fotiálla Crystal and the mountains to the north.

On June 22, radiation from the Fotiálla Crystal result in a mass transformation of the humans of Fotiálla into braixen. Within the hour of the first transformation, Fotiálla went on lockdown from entry and exit. On June 24, a giant barrier of Flex Seal was constructed around the region, sealing it from the rest of Etowana and creating an unintentional time barrier, causing time in Fotiálla to speed up to 373.3333333333 years per Etowana day.

The Mining Project would conclude on July 4, to which Julien hosted the first annual King Julien's Groovy Fourth of July Dance Party in celebration. The event was met with widespread acclaim, with "I Like to Move It" deemed the new national anthem of Fotiálla.

4258: Opening of dome and cultural shifts

On June 30, the Space Koreans began to launch an attack upon Etowana. The Fotiforce fired plasma beams toward the Heart of Ling-Ling, effectively bringing all of the Space Koreans to extinction following an invasion of Dimension SK-9 the following day.

While soldiers were invading the Space Koreans, laborers at home were taking down the Flex Seal barrier that had been constructed 2240 years prior. The time returned to an equal speed with the rest of Etowana, albeit with the Fotiállan year being 2240 years ahead.