I Don't Recall is the debut album released by Forrest M. Power, and the last release by him under the Froster name. It was independently released on Bandcamp and SoundCloud on May 30, 2016. A deluxe edition was later released on June 3, 2018.

Track listing

Standard edition

  1. Memory
  2. I'm Not a Little Girl Anymore (feat. Laura Johnson)
  3. Twenty Thousand Apologies
  4. It Can't Get Any Worse
  5. Square Wave
  6. The Impersonation Crisis
  7. My Caffeine Dream
  8. Idiot
  9. Losing You

Deluxe bonus tracks

  1. I'm Not a Little Girl Anymore, Demo - I'm Not a Little Girl Anymore (Rough Demo)
  2. My Caffeine Dream (Rough Demo)
  3. Another Bad Day
  4. Kaleidoscope
  5. Night Dance
  6. The Impersonation Crisis Act II
  7. Prettyboy Pop (Demo)
  8. I'm Not a Little Girl Anymore (Live in Portland)