Immaculate Ejaculate is the third album by Fried Rice, undergoing a gradual release over 2019. According to Evan Rice, it will be a double or triple disc album, containing various tracks recorded in 2018 and 2019.


Disc 1: Immaculate Ejaculate

  1. "Jesse's First Nut"
  2. "Nothing Like a Good Nut"
  3. "Dick Playing Tricks On Me"
  4. "Magnets"
  5. "Way of the Nut"
  6. "Immaculate Ejaculate"

Disc 2: Death has a Shadow

  1. "Uncle Gubsy"
  2. "Subway"
  3. "I spoke to the devil in Miami, he said despacito"
  4. "Mother"
  5. "Steve Jobs Jihad"
  6. "Nilla Wafers"
  7. "If sex is so good why isn't there a sex 2"

Possible disc 3 tracks