The Jabali Expedition is an ongoing Etowanan expedition launched by President Jabali on October 5, 2018. Officially represented by the Meme City government and the Memed Armed Forces, the expedition would take several missions in various Minecraft worlds, originally in pursuit of Jesse Papermaker.


Mission A: Freedonia

After reports of Jesse Papermaker returning to Etowana circulated on October 5, 2018, President Jabali received a memo stating that Jesse was currently playing on a Minecraft server, specifically in the world of Freedonia. Jabali promptly ordered a supply of ThinkPad T410's for the Memed Armed Forces to search for Jesse on, while the MAF would attempt to pry Jesse out of the KonyKocK.

The Minecraft operation began on October 6, the Meme City forces settled in what would become Disabled Bay. On October 14, the Jabali Expedition was reportedly canceled, later revealed to have been postponed for a later date. The ThinkPads that were used on the expedition were donated to Plasma Elementary.

Mission B

On November 14, 2018, Etowana Report announced that the Jabali Expedition had decided to explore new Minecraft realms rather than Freedonia due to its excessive block lag.


Various settlements were established in Freedonia during the expedition, notably Disabled Bay and Sheep Point. The Memed Armed Forces eventually got carried away with the Minecraft building as they desired to expand their civilization more and more.