Jesse Peters Papermaker (born June 2, 2005) is an Etowanan revolutionary, notable for being the son of Joe Papermaker, brief king of Etowana, and the unofficial leader of the Loyalist Anarcho-Capitalists of Etowana.

Jesse has largely been responsible for multiple catastrophic events on Etowana, such as the Brine and the 2016 Mt. Nut eruption. Some have debated that their appointed murder of their father resulted in the KracK not being stopped as well.

Despite this, Jesse is revered by many for being one of the last remaining Papermakers, alongside his cousin Jalen Papermaker. In 2019, they founded and become the central figure of the Ancaps of Etowana, being an organization dedicated to spreading anarcho-capitalism. He is under a 320 billion Jahcoin bounty for his head under King Jabali's rule of egg.


2005-2015: Early life

Jesse was born to Emily Peters on June 2, 2005, not knowing his biological father, Joe Papermaker. Jesse was raised by her, later joined by stepfather Jeff Friedrich of whom was the birth father of stepbrother Jansen Friedrich. He would continue to be raised in Meme City, Etowana.

2016-2018: Mt. Nut and the Brine

On February 24, 2016, Jesse became briefly affiliated with a group of friends known as the Nutcrackers, at the end of the day busting two perfect nuts, resulting in a tremendous Mt. Nut eruption that destroyed the southern face of Etowana, reshaping Meme City. On the same day, he acquired Nutblade as crafted by Baka Jabali. After meeting his biological father, Joe Papermaker, Jesse intended on appointing the Space Koreans to assassinate him to take control of Etowana as revenge for abandoning him.

On January 12, 2017, the Space Koreans invaded the Papermaker residence and stole Jesse's hard drive, known as Jesse's Seagate.

Joe Papermaker was killed by Space Koreans in Miami on October 28, 2017, to which Jesse took the position as King on June 2, 2018. Jesse promptly began bombing nearby territories as he turned Etowana into an anarcho-capitalist state. When Herobrine invaded Etowana during the events of the Brine, Jesse disappeared.

On October 5, 2018, it was revealed that Jesse was in the KonyKocK playing Minecraft, which had just crashed into Etowana. On October 19, Jesse took asylum in the Eastwets, resulting in a conflict between the Wetwet and Meme City.

After the destruction of Meme City and the Jabali Expedition's migration to egg, Jesse was spotted in egg by the Jabali-controlled city-state and was promptly arrested in an obsidian prison on February 9, 2019. However, he managed to escape by punching his way out over the next twelve hours, currently suspected to be leading his newest organization, the Ancaps of Etowana, in their rebellion against Jabali in favor of anarcho-capitalism.


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