Joseph Pulp-Miller Papermaker (June 18, 1906 - October 28, 2017) was a paper manufacturer and former king of Etowana. Joe is one of the most famous of the Papermaker family due to his extended mascothood of Camas High School.


Joe was born in Camas, Washington on June 18, 1906 to John and Jean Papermaker. He was raised in Camas by his mother while John served as the king of Etowana. In the 1910s, his life began to change as he was given the key to the Camas Paper Mill on June 18, 1916, he first produced Joe-Yo on June 18, 1918, and he was crowned king of Etowana on June 18, 1919 at age thirteen.

Joe would serve as the mascot of the local Camas High School due to his contributions to Camas for many years. However, he would later be replaced by the Mean Machine as the school's primary hero as he would begin his time travel ventures in the late 20th century via the SUCC Drive.

At some point, Joe traveled forward to 2012, accidentally recruited Funguy, and destroyed the SUCC Drive in the process, leaving the two stranded in the Mystery Zone. Over the span of several years, the two would commit time-space travel in attempt to stop Joseph Kony and other villains from destroying the Omniverse.

Somewhere along the way, Joe impregnated Emily Peters, who gave birth to their son Jesse Papermaker on June 2, 2005. Despite a rumored relationship with Peters, Joe never served as a father to their child.

Joe was found dead in Miami, Florida on Earth on October 28, 2017 following an undocumented journey across the United States. It is widely regarded that he was assassinated by the Space Koreans at that time due to the lingering Space Korean War and his affiliation with the Resistencia de Fonsi.