The Lord's Resistance Army (LRA) is an organization led by Joseph Kony, being one of the most powerful forces in the Omniverse. The LRA, started in 1987, were originally notable as being a rebel group in Uganda, but later became recognized for intergalactic conflicts, such as the KracK of 2012 and other operations worked by the more recently established LRA-X, formed in 2012.

Bar various grown commanders, the army is heavily occupied by abducted children that Kony acquired from across different instances of Uganda throughout the Omniverse.


1987: Formation and early years

The Lord's Resistance Army was founded by Joseph Kony in 1987 with intentions on fighting back the powers that be in Uganda, following Yoweri Museveni's assumption of presidency on January 29, 1986 after the Ugandan Bush War.

The main method of acquiring members and followers was by abducting Ugandan children from their families to raise them as soldiers and sex slaves.

1995: Construction of the KonyKocK and rapid expansion

On April 20, 1995, the LRA invaded the Great Temple of Jeffery in northwestern Uganda, guarded by A Tribe Called Knuckles. The Ugandan Knuckles tribe took a major defeat, with the LRA gaining control of the Jeffery Emerald, a Chaos Emerald that gives the bearer the power to travel the Omniverse by will. The emerald would be used in the slave-built KonyKocK, a giant penis-shaped spaceship that Kony would use to warp in more Ugandan children from alternate dimensions and timelines. The KocK would also serve as the headquarters for the Kourt of Kony.

Thanks to the acquisition of the KonyKocK, productivity of the LRA increased substantially, with the number of child soldiers doubled by the end of 1995.

2011-2012: KonyKracK and the LRA-X

On October 6, 2011, the Lord's Resistance Army purchased millions of Lenovo ThinkPad laptops, primarily the T420 and x220. The laptops were promptly used by the child soldiers, now child programmers, to develop the KonyKracK, a piece of malware programmed with the intent on sabotaging the Meme Star. This led to the KONY 2012 movement by Invisible Children, which proved to be unsuccessful. By December 21, 2012, the KracK was executed on the Meme Star, which in its explosion resulted in the death of Kony.

Following Kony's death, the seven commanders declared the end of the Lord's Resistance Army in favor of the LRA-X, led collectively by said commanders. Many children died after the departure of Kony, of which they were resurrected into Ugandan Knuckles and recruited into A Tribe Called Knuckles.

2017: Decrease in notoriety

In April 2017, Ugandan and US military forces ended their hunt for Kony and his group, with a Ugandan spokesperson stating that "the LRA no longer poses a threat to us as Uganda". At that time, his force was estimated to have shrunk to around 100 soldiers.