Miguel Santiago (born January 28, 1994) is a musician, soldier, activist, politician, and the first Vice President of Meme City, alongside President Asanis Jabali.

Santiago first entered the public eye on October 22, 2012, when he released his debut album Good Kid, Meme City to the public, resulting in a commercial success in the titular city.

During the events of the Third Beaner War, he would become a member of the Ocean Beaner Association and the Aryan Preservation Society, fighting against the rebels of the Beaner Nationalist's Party. He is a member of the Red Beaner Party.


Santiago was born on Beaner Island, Etowana on January 28, 1994. He was raised by single mother Adolfita Santiago, alongside various siblings. His biological father, Adolfito, abandoned his family eight months prior to his birth.

Santiago's life took a turn in 2003 when he was stranded overseas in Acton County, Meme City during the Second Beaner War. Santiago would move in with Risotto Pavarotti's family at the age of nine.

Santiago suddenly began his music career when he dropped Good Kid, Meme City on October 22, 2012. Santiago toured Etowana and proved to be a commercial success in Meme City.

In early 2014, Santiago traveled overseas back to Beaner Island in search of inspiration for his next record, To Pimp a Beaner. However, his musical career came to a halt once the Third Beaner War began, trapping him in war until its conclusion in 2016. Over the span of two years, Santiago would reunite with his family and join the Oceaner Beaner Association, Aryan Preservation Society, and the Red Beaner Party.

Santiago returned home in late 2016 and created NATION. to be released in early 2017. By the time he had released the project, however, he had faded into obscurity.

During the Brine, Etowana had suddenly held elections for a President and Vice President of Meme City, to which Santiago was elected the Vice President on June 12, 2018, alongside President Jabali.

On October 21, 2018, Santiago reportedly sold his third album, Brown Panther The Album Music From and Inspired By, for $16 million dollars, of which would go directly to the Meme City government budget.