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This encyclopedia is dedicated to documenting the entire Omniverse through the scope of the ORYZA meme collective. If the meme albums and autistic singularities aren't enough, this wiki should help you understand what's going on with the lore.



The Perfect Nut // Iced Tea Memes
193 / They Tried to Make Me Go to Rehab So I OD'd on Ket / We Spoke with God and These Were His Words


W / Funguy / Bouncer
Joe Papermaker / Principal Jones / Joseph Kony
Jesse / Jansen / Jalen / Dave Dog / Baka
Risotto Pavarotti / Miguel Santiago
Asanis Jabali / Yugnuf / King Julien / Kim Ling-Ling


Omniverse / Kodiplex / Dimension SK-9
Etowana / Earth / Elon / Wanda
Meme City / Fotiálla / Dezer2
Mid / Yeme City / Ston3r Town / Camas
Beaner Island / The City / DLC Island
Uganda / America

Fried Rice / Pridemore

I Fucked a Turkey and Got Away with It
Connor Edwards / Anthony Redclift
Forrest Myers-Power / Good I'm Glad
Flying Whammy / Balvin and the Chipmunks
Cracker Jap / Rybae
Xonfrence / Oxxy

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