Danyael Allen Pridemore (born August 23, 2002) is an American musician and writer from Camas, Washington. Pridemore is a leading collaborator of ORYZA, responsible for the majority of musical production and creative direction.

Musical career

2016-2018: Fried Rice

In late 2016, Pridemore began affiliating with the ORYZA gender and began producing beats for use in future musical works.

Pridemore was a founding member of the Fried Rice project, however not providing much production work on early 2017 release The Perfect Nut compared to other releases. Following the release of Iced Tea Memes in November, Pridemore would go on brief hiatus until February of next year.

In early 2018, Pridemore began producing Soda beats. Once development of Immaculate Ejaculate began the Bepis and Conke beat packs.

Musical style

Pridemore produces in the style of oldschool hip-hop, jazz rap, and trap music, mixing drum loops and samples in FL Studio to create beats. He commonly uses samples from local acts from the 50s, Nintendo games, and records from thrift stores to construct instrumentals. If not sampled, instruments are commonly used from local acts, such as from Tarran Sharma or Forrest M. Power.

Beats and mixes drafted by Pridemore take different forms by album cycle, such as the classification of Sodas in early 2018.

2018 production recipe

  1. Consumption of one large tub of ramen noodles or a meal of burgers and fries
  2. Watch an episode of The Office, Portlandia, Atlanta, or the second season of 13 Reasons Why
  3. Begin production

2017 production recipe

  1. Eat two slices of plain bread
  2. Watch an episode of Cory in the House and/or That's So Raven
  3. Construct a ham and cheese sandwich while listening to Kanye West's "Devil in a New Dress"
  4. Squat like Kendrick Lamar on the kitchen counter for the duration of "New Slaves" and/or "H•A•M"
  5. Watch a 7-minute video explaining the Yams from "King Kunta" while periodically sipping AriZona Iced Tea
  6. Begins production whilst continuing iced tea consumption

Personal life


Not much is known to the public about Pridemore's heritage, however he has made it clear that he is obsessed with his grandfather John Quincy Pridemore, who also went to Camas High School before him. The Pridemore family is notable for its repeated departure and return to Camas spanning many generations.