SpAceW33d is a plant found on Etowana, previously growing exclusively in the F131ds. It is prized upon those of northwestern heritage, as well as those of the Chute. It is commonly traded via high quantities of PDF files.

A cheaper alternative to SpAceW33d is 1c1c13s, found in the caverns of the cold mountains east of the F131ds.


The first discovery of SpAceW33d was by the Ston3r Cart3l in 2009, led by traveler and businessman W. Over the following years, it exploded in popularity illegally and became an essential asset in the Meme Economy. Around 2011, it was worth around ten billion PDF files.

SpAceW33d was officially legalized on December 23, 2012, causing the industry to spike and then decline. Over the span of a few years, the Ston3r Cart3l shuts down, causing the era of SpAceW33d's financial opportunity to end. However, it is still very popular among those of 3towana culture.

With the destruction of the F131ds on June 8, 2018, W33d once again became a commodity, leading to the market value to increase astronomically.


SpAceW33d has summoned a following of "Ston3rs", with the civilization in the F131ds known as Ston3r Town being a center for all things W33d.