Suicide (Traccs We're Never Gonna Use Ever) is a mixtape released by I Fucked a Turkey and Got Away with It, released as a B-sides project following their debut, 193.

It is similar to that of Kendrick Lamar’s untitled unmastered record in that it contains brief demos, however it is more similar to that of Pink Floyd’s The Endless River for its instrumental nature or good kid m.A.A.d city for its overlying story.

The mixtape has since been discarded by the band.


  1. riffo3
  2. house innit
  3. Connordancevideorawrawr
  4. Nigga, Do a Backflip
  5. anthony
  6. riffo1
  7. Ukulele 1
  8. Shakespeare Was a Great Mathematician
  9. Divorce is Overrated
  10. The Bend 'Em Down and Bite the Mattress Song
  11. backoing trr
  12. School Made Me Make This Track
  13. C.U.N.T.
  14. Teenagers
  15. i think drake better than eminem
  16. It's Cosby's Fault My Brother is Black
  17. connors penis
  18. Don't Drink Bleach, Drink Windex
  19. Considerably Good Porn
  20. Hiding an Erection Under a Book
  21. I Wear Neck Braces to Keep the Memes Away
  22. BFFGGAdgaDAG
  23. Oh. I've Been Stabbed
  24. riffo2
  25. old bitterness
  26. wrk1
  27. guitar 1
  28. I Play Ukulele and Can't Live with Myself
  29. Sarah's Song
  30. Whoops, I Appeared to Have Sleepwalked into Baghdad Again
  31. test0101
  32. dododododootodotodoto12
  33. Sleeping Babies are Easier to Steal
  35. riff
  36. bosh
  37. THINGqq
  38. Guitar Thing
  39. I've Found Another Spoon