WIlliam Orteil Webb (April 20, 1987 - December 21, 2012), more commonly known as W or by stage name BIlly tha Spider, was an Etowanan drug lord and musician, best known for founding the Ston3r Cart3l.


W was born to unknown parents, however he is believed to be born on April 20, 1987 to be adopted by Bobby Webb and raised in Midtown, Meme City, Etowana.

W's first exposure to SpAceW33d was when he was eleven years old, during Ms. Nizzle Frizzle's field trip to Fotiálla. After being fused with a W33d plant briefly, he met Funguy who assisted him in escaping Frizzle's curse. Later in 2003, W would drop out of high school to move in with Funguy and Bouncer in attempts to free himself from his father and start a music career.

W began performing at local venues under the alias Billy tha Spider, writing and releasing awful parodies of Kanye West songs immediately after the originals were released. Wush released five mixtapes between 2004 and 2009.

W would first conceive the Ston3r Cart3l on May 31, 2009 after Funguy guided W and Bouncer to Fotiálla in order to begin compiling W33dnodes and other forms of consuming SpAceW33d. Within the next year, the two would develop Ston3r Town, of which they would live in as time went on.

On December 21, 2012, W was destroyed in the blast of the Meme Star in the Meme City Sewers during the moment of the KracK. His remains were burned in the process, and his ashes were scattered across Fotiálla.